The Lead Generation System is a great way for you to get new clients.  You do not need to use this booking system or Point-of-Sale to participate in the Lead Generation Feature.  However, you will need to setup your services and pricing within the mobile application in order to take advantage of the Lead Generation System.

YOUR FIRST 30 DAYS ARE COMPLETELY FREE!  After your 30-day free trial has expired you will be charged a lead fee and the client is yours.  The lead fee is 30% of the service fee that lead selected.  This does not include retail products, tips, or upsets.  The lead fee is also capped at $25, so you WILL NEVER be charged more than $25.  If the service type is changed/edited to a smaller amount, you will need to edit the service in the mobile app to the service with the reduced amount.  If you are not using the Point-of-Sale that comes with your app that is okay.  However, you will STILL need to edit the service and close the appointment out to CASH.  You may also demand Credit/Debit card information from the new client to enforce your cancellation/no-show policy.  However, beware - this could cause you to get less leads due to the extra step the lead must take in the system.  If the lead needs to reschedule, you will not be charged a lead fee until they finish their first service.  After your FREE 30-Day trial you will need to keep an update-to-date debit or credit card on file within the mobile app.  This can be found under the Lead Generation link from the menu on your mobile app.  The Lead Generation System is keeping track of all edits and cancellations and Salon Suite Solutions has the right to terminate your account at any time if you are abusing the system, which includes reducing the service cost or canceling the appointment fraudulently.  There are NO fees for Walk-In Business.. Advertising your business to so many for so little has never been this affordable.  In the event of a "no show" client you have 12 hours to report a "no show" after the appointment before we bill you the 30%.