We got the message loud and clear that many of you rely very much on our reminder SMS text messages to your clients!    We understand you cannot waste your time waiting for a no-show that didn't remember their appointment! 

We utilize a high quality texting system - the same one Uber uses. Unfortunately, as you may know, texting is not always 100% reliable and some carriers do not save up messages and deliver them later if the phone cannot be reached. The following issues can occur:

  • The number is a landline and not a mobile number
  • The carrier is temporarily down in their area
  • Your client's phone is out of their coverage area
  • The client's phone is off
  • Your client may have accidentally blocked our number because they didn't know who it was
  • The new iPhone update allows for an "Unknown Senders" Tab in their text messages.  Ask them to check this tab if they have that enabled on their iPhone. 

GOOD NEWS! To address these problems, we just added a feature to send you an email alert if the text fails so you can take any necessary actions to contact the client and confirm.

Even so, unfortunately, we've seen situations where phone carriers report that the text is delivered but the recipient swears they never got it.   What can you do to be proactive and reduce communication errors?

  • Enter an email address in your client's record and check the email checkbox so they receive reminders by both text and email
  • Double check your client's phone number is correctly entered and is their cell phone, not their landline
  • Make sure that your client's SMS checkbox is checked to receive text reminders
  • If your client has accidentally opted out of text reminders they can text "START" to 214-480-4610 to resume receiving texts
  • Merge any duplicate client records by clicking merge in the client record.  Then scroll to find the duplicate client, you will be able to select which information from each client record to be saved.  Past appointment and financial data will be updated and saved into the new merged record.