Every now and then, you may have the need to add an existing Tenant to another suite at the same location. This is a quick and easy task you can complete in the SMS, because once a Tenant is entered into the SMS it is not necessary to re-enter them. You will use the UTILITIES tab to add them.

If you have questions or need assistance with this process, please submit a support ticket to us at support@salonsuitesolutions.com.

  1. Log into the SMS
  2. Navigate to the appropriate Tenant
  3. Click the UTILITIES tab
  4. Click the ACTIONS drop-down arrow to ADD OR MOVE TENANT 
    • This will programmatically ADD the Tenant to another suite
  6. Click the ADD button
  7. A pop-up box appears
  8. Click the DESTINATION drop-down arrow to select the suite you wish to ADD the Tenant to
  9. Click the SAVE button
  10. Click the CONTINUE button to ADD the Tenant to an additional suite
  11. The Tenant is now ADDED to the additional suite

You can click the ALL SUITES checkbox to view all transactions for any of the suites the Tenant is currently assigned to.

Please note, you may need to create an additional recurring invoice for the Tenant for the suite you just added them to. This will send the Tenant 2 separate invoices in which they can auto pay each separately if they wish.


You can edit the existing recurring invoice, add a line item for the recurring rent fee, then SAVE. This will send the Tenant just 1 invoice in which they can auto pay their agreed to fees in one lump sum payment.