Below is a link to a video that demonstrates how to use your Chromebook so that you can utilize our Lobby Directory TV feature. 

Video: How to Connect a Chromebook to Display Your Directory on Your Lobby TV

We recommend you hard wire your Chromebook to your lobby TV via HDMI cable. We also had to purchase an adapter for the HDMI cable so that it could connect to the Chrome Book. Here is a link to the one we purchased: Link to HDMI Adapter - Amazon

You do have the ability to cast to your lobby TV from your Chrome Book via blue tooth. In a salon suite setting, it may not be the best option as to "traffic in the cloud" could interfere with the connectivity from time to time. So our recommendation is to utilize the HDMI cable to maintain a more reliable connection.


Below is a summary of the video. This should take you less than 5 minutes to setup. It really was VERY easy.

  1. Download an "auto refresh" extension to keep your web page active (acts like a 'move your mouse' kind of feature)
  2. Make sure the display setting on your Chrome Book is set so that you can extend the display onto your lobby TV
  3. Launch the Lobby Directory URL in a new web tab > turn on the auto refresh extension
  4. Cast your device to your TV > change the zoom setting to full screen