ProPay is our partner and processes the credit cards for us.  In order to get the great rates we negotiated with them you'll need to only sign up through our app.  

To check to see if you have already signed up through our app, click on the ProPay Info link on the app menu.  If it shows you your account number, then you area already signed up.  If you do not see your account number please email us at to resolve and link your account.

Additionally, if you signed up once and you failed their fast credit check, they may need more information from you in order to identify you.  For example, they may want to see a copy of your driver's license.  Please check your email for any notifications like this from ProPay.  After they get you approved, please contact us with your new account number so that we can link your profile to ProPay.

Do NOT download the ProPay app and sign up that way.  Only sign up through our app in order to get our great rates.