After you sign up for your credit card processing account through your Salon app, please add your bank account so that your funds can be deposited into your account.

  • Click on your Profile Picture in your Salon App
  • Click on Credit Cards
  • Click on Bank Account and enter your information 
  • Click Save

Once you have added your banking account information to your Propay Account you will receive daily sweeps.  The sweeps occur at 4pm so any services after 4pm will be included in the next day’s sweep.  Sweeps are just like all electronic deposits and are not immediately posted in your bank account.  Once the funds leave Propay’s originating bank (Wells Fargo) it travels to the Clearing House and then on to your bank.  Once received at your bank the timing of the deposit being posted to the account is determined by that bank’s electronic deposit policies and procedures.  It is most common to see the deposit within 24 hours.