ProPay Risk sets initial processing limits  to protect our clients and ourselves from fraud. There is an initial monthly limit of $25,000 monthly.  The monthly limit is the maximum amount that a merchant can process in one month. 


These limits can be easily increased to an amount that fits your location's needs.  To request this increase please send an email to and include the monthly amount needed.   We will submit this request on your behalf and ProPay’s limits team will review recent processing, and in some cases, they may ask for additional documentation.  It will take 3-5 business days to get this increase approved.  We suggest beginning this process as soon as you have created your ProPay account and prior to setting up your License Fee invoicing. 


Why does Propay have limits on monthly processing amounts?


Propay offers provisionary credit on the transactions you process.  This means, you are not forced to wait for bank settlement in order to access your funds.  Your funds are available to you after the federally required 1 day hold.  As a new client the initial monthly limit under the Salon Suite Solutions umbrella is $25,000.   Having these processing limits is a proven method of protecting against fraud. By limiting processing amounts while a processing history is established, ProPay is better able to prevent fraud and stay within industry-standard risk-management policies.