**WARNING** Do not create multiple recurring invoices where payments are due on the same day.

To create a recurring invoice for License Fees (Rent):

  1. Log in to the SMS
  2. Click on Locations
  3. Click on the white arrow to open your location
  4. Click on the Suite number
  5. Click on the Salon Professional's Name
  6. Click the Transactions Tab
  7. Click Add Invoice (or click +ADD RECURRING INVOICE)
  8. Enter the following
    1. Check the Recurring Check Box (will automatically be checked if you used + ADD RECURRING INVOICE)
    2. Enter the payment terms as follows:
      • TERMS: = choose the frequency an invoice & payment are expected from the Tenant (i.e., weekly)
      • DAY OF WEEK = actual day the PAYMENT should be extracted from the Tenant's account (ACH or CC) to pay the invoice (generated the day before)
      • START = the calendar date the first recurring INVOICE should be generated, and MUST BE AT LEAST ONE DAY PRIOR to the "day of week" (when the payment is extracted)
      • END = optional; this is the calendar date the recurring invoices need to stop generating (typically the day after the final invoice)
      • TYPE = defaults to invoice
      • PAYMENT METHOD = select as appropriate (if manual is the only option, it will automatically update upon the Tenant's first payment)  
    3. Enter Invoice Description
    4. Select the category for Rent
    5. OPTIONAL: If sales tax is added to rent in your area check the Sales Tax checkbox
    6. Enter Rent/License Fee Amount
    7. Click Add to save your changes
  9. If you choose ACH as the payment method the Banking information will populate in the invoice as shown below.  You can choose the manual payment method if you do not have the banking information for the ACH drafts at the time the invoice was created.  The method can be changed at any time.  The Salon Professional can also add the banking information and sign up for License Fee Autopay in their Salon App.