1. Go into the Bluetooth connections on the phone and “forget” anything that starts with CHB, if able.  Sometimes the option to do that is not there.  If it is possible there will be an ‘i’ next to the Bluetooth connection that starts with CHB.  If you do not have the option to "forget" or you do not see anything that starts with CHB, do not worry, just proceed to Step 2.
  2. Turn off Bluetooth
  3. Turn off the Credit Card Reader.  If your Credit Card Reader will not turn off you can completely reset by pressing the button at the bottom next to the charging port with a paperclip or something similar for 5-10 seconds until it resets and turns off.  This is a rare circumstance.
  4. Close all apps that are currently running including your Salon app
  5. Reopen the your Salon app
  6. Click on App Settings
  7. Scroll down and make sure that the Credit Card Reader is set to “Chip Reader”.  If not, select and then scroll down and click SAVE.  Your app will then refresh and you will need to return to the App Settings for Step 8.
  8. Click on Forget Reader.
  9. Click on Setup Bluetooth Device and follow the 4 steps to reinitialize and connect to the reader – DO NOT TURN ON BLUETOOTH OR THE CREDIT CARD READER UNTIL DIRECTED TO DO SO.