Note: If you need to take a new picture, you must take it using your camera app first before continuing

Note: If you do not yet have Google Photos installed on your Android device, go to the Google Play Store and download it (it's free). You will be unable to upload a photo using the "gallery".

  1. Log into your Mobile App

  2. From the Home Screen > click the 3 lines in the top corner of your screen

  3. The Main Menu will appear > click Profile

  4. The Profile Menu will appear > click Picture

  5. The Profile page appears > click Update picture at the top of your screen (see image)

  1. The Profile Picture page appears > click the generic gray photo in the center of the screen (see image)

  1. A pop-up note appears asking where you want to get your picture from > choose Library

  2. A Get Picture pop-up appears > Select Google Photos, Bitmoji, or Amazon Photos (Gallery will not work) (see image)

  1. Locate the photo you wish to use > click the photo to upload it

  2. Click the Save button

Note: You must close/reopen to refresh the Mobile App so you can view the photo you uploaded