REFUNDING a rent payment is a simple thing to do from your ProPay Account. Do not issue a payment REFUND until you are certain the original Tenant ACH payment was fully funded; at least 3 - 5 business days after the payment posted in the SMS. The REFUND transaction fee is $0.35. Refunds for ACH payments MUST BE issued using this process. 

You can ALWAYS email support@salonsuitesolutions to ask for assistance, as needed.

Do not just click "void" it in the SMS. This is only a "cosmetic" step and it will not REFUND (nor void) the payment. 

To REFUND an ACH rent payment:

  1. Log into the SMS
  2. On the left menu click ACH Account
  3. Click the drop down at the top of the screen to select the location
  4. Click Advanced Transaction Search
  5. Enter ONLY the transaction number
  6. Press Enter or click Search
  7. Click the blue transaction number in the on-screen results that appear
    • The details of the transaction are displayed
  8. Scroll down to find the Refund Amount field 
  9. Enter the appropriate $ amount to be refunded
  10. Click the Refund Transaction button
  11. Watch for the "success" notification on-screen to indicate the REFUND process has begun
    • If you do not receive a notification STOP IMMEDIATELY
    • Send an email to support@salonsuitesolutions to ask for assistance; provide Tenant name and amount you are trying to REFUND
    • The REFUND is sent via electronic deposit. Your Tenant will receive the REFUNDaccording to their bank's electronic deposit policies. The most common timeframe is 1 - 3 business days.
  12. AFTER you receive a "success" notification follow these next steps to "cosmetically void" the payment transaction in the SMS
  13. Go to the Tenant
  14. Go to Transactions
  15. Locate the Payment you just REFUNDED
  16. Click View
  17. Click the tiny little box directly above the Close button
  18. Edit the description if you wish, to help "tell the story" of REFUNDING the payment
  19. Click the VOID button