Finding the ACH Transaction Number is a simple thing do to from your ProPay account. The ACH Transaction Number provides detailed information regarding a payment transaction, including why a payment was rejected. You also need the ACH Transaction Number in order to void or refund ACH payments.

To Locate the ACH Transaction Number:

  1. Log into the SMS
  2. On the left menu click ACH Account
  3. Click the drop down at the top of the screen to select the location
  4. Click Transactions to launch a screen to input date search criteria
  5. Click on the starting date and use the calendar arrows to select the date range for the transaction you are seeking
  6. Click the Search button
  7. The information appears on screen
    • Due to the details it provides it is advised that you click the Export button to download the information to Excel
  8. Locate the downloaded Excel file and open it
    • Remember to click the Enable Editing button so you can use the auto filters to locate specific details as needed
  9. Click the 3rd bottom tab of the Excel file to review the details of the completed transactions
  10. Locate the name of the Tenant in column F
  11. Verify the gross dollar amount in column H
  12. Write down the transaction number in column C