If you need to view your recurring invoice(s) for a specific Tenant, here are some simple steps to quickly locate it and manage it as needed:

  1. Log into the SMS
  2. Go to Tenants > select Transactions for the appropriate Tenant
  3. Click the View Recurring checkbox to see the recurring invoices
  4. If there are multiple invoices and you wish to end date or delete one of them
    • Click Edit next to the invoice
    • Either add an end date > click Update (it will "end" the day after the date you enter)
    • ((or)) click Delete and it will disappear

**WARNING** Do not create multiple recurring invoices where payments are due on the same day.

You can have multiple active recurring invoices, for example one for rent, another for insurance, or another to cover equipment rental. However, please do not create multiple recurring invoices to where the payment is to be drawn on the same day. The system will presume it's a potential duplicate and will randomly "pick one" and ignore the other. 

If you need to create multiple recurring invoices, simply use a different "Day of Week"  as the due date for payment.