The SMS provides you the ability to easily view Tenant invoice payment rejection codes via your ACH Account. To do so, you first need to locate the ACH Transaction Number. After you attain the transaction number, you will do an Advanced Transaction Search.

Don't have the code? Click this link to learn how:

To View the Payment Response (Rejection) Code:

  1. Log into the SMS
  2. On the left menu click ACH Account
  3. Click the drop down at the top of the screen to select the location
  4. Click Advanced Transaction Search
  5. Enter ONLY the transaction number
    • Don't have the number? 
  6. Press Enter or click Search
  7. Click the blue transaction number in the on-screen results that appear
    • If multiple rows with the same transaction number appear, just click the first one in the list
    • The details of the transaction are displayed
  8. Scroll down to view the Response Code
    • Hover your mouse of the blue colored code to view the return reason

Your SMS notifications are setup so that you receive automatic email notifications regarding ACH Failures. If there is a different or additional email address you would like these automated email notifications to go to, you can update the information in the SMS. 

Click this link to view how: