Please make sure you are connecting through the app and not your bluetooth connections.  You may also want to connect for the first time at home or in an area free of other bluetooth waves.  

After you have paired using the directions found below, in future transactions, you will just turn your reader on BEFORE you begin the checkout process with your client to ensure the reader has time to connect.

**ALWAYS CHECK THAT YOUR BLUETOOTH IS ENABLED ON YOUR DEVICE** If you have connection issues you can Tap on Reset Reader in the middle of the screen.

  1. Close all open apps on your device
  2. Power your device off
  3. Power your device back on
  4. Launch your Salon Suite app
  5. Reset the reader by pressing the button at the bottom next to the charging port with a paperclip or something similar for 5-10 seconds and then release.  It will cycle through the lights when it resets
  6. Turn off the Credit Card Reader
  7. Click on App Settings
  8. Scroll down and make sure that the Credit Card Reader is set to “Chip Reader”.  If not, select and then scroll down and click SAVE.  Your app will then refresh and you will need to return to the App Settings for Step 9
  9. Scroll down and Click on Setup Bluetooth Device and follow the 4 steps to reinitialize and connect to the reader – DO NOT TURN ON BLUETOOTH OR THE CREDIT CARD READER UNTIL DIRECTED TO DO SO
  10. You may be asked to enter the passkey on the back of the reader as shown in screenshots below